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yes, on the phone go to My devices -> add device (computer+ icon) -> three dots menu (might be phone's soft button Menu) -> Show key. Deliver it to PC (tap on it to copy to clipboard), paste to "Manual connection" field there and proceed.

"Link device" is greyed out on Sync Free version. 

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Share RO QR code from PC to phone. Here's the guide. But note that nothing will be uploaded from the phone. 

If between tow RW peers deletion is not propagated, there is something wrong with the setup, it's not expected behavior. If you wish to investigate it, please write to support with a few details about your setup, and logs from both peers, mentioning which exactly files get affected.

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I have added a folder to my android using the QR Read Only. Then I deactivated Selective sync so the whole folder is synced, At deatils Permissions are Read & Write. The only thing I can see that might be a problem is that the folder I added already existed (I'd rather not download 16GB from scratch) and while on PC I got notified of the existing .sync folder and chose to delete it (through the program, I'm talking about the "another instance" warning), no such notifications appeared on Android. Maybe the .sync folder on android overwrote my RO settings from PC?

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