Windows 10 / Sync running as service = crash


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I'm trying to install Sync as a windows service on Windows 10.  Installation appears to go fine, but as soon as I try to add a folder or do much of anything in the web gui, my computer instantly crashes and reboots itself.  Any ideas what's wrong?

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Make sure that you run v 2.3.6. 

Check crypto services are not available for Sync: check if the user under who Sync service runs has access to Control Panel -> Credentials. Also, try restarting Cryptographic Services, in Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services.

Also, it'd be great if you could submit all logs and dmp files (if recorded) from %appdata%\ BitTorrent Sync Service folder to support (link) and describe in a few details how exactly you install Sync, mention this topic, and tell us about crypto stuff checking. Thank you. 

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