Listening port isn't saved on Linux (Raspbian Jessie)

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After doing a clean installation on my Rpi 2 I realized that the listening port wasn't saved but every other configuration parameter does.

If I manually set it to 45454 (for example) and then I reboot the service a new random port will appear. If I keep restarting the service more and more random ports appear, it never gets fixed.

- Every file in "/var/lib/btsync" has the user btsync as owner.

- My port will only be fixed if I manually set it in "/etc/btsync/config.json"


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Darius, by default the option for listening port is set to be random:

"listening_port" : 0,

If you comment it by "//" symbols Sync won't random it and you'll be able to set listening port in the WebUI.

//"listening_port" : 0,

Please note that you need to restart Sync service or use SIGTERM signal so it will definitely save settings.

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