[Solved] Am I setting up BTS the wrong way?

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I have 5 Macs.

I have a “Pro” license (not subscription) for v.2

I want _most_ folders shared & sync'd between all 5 Macs. (I do not think I need the “advanced” features really, as I basically only share files with myself.)

If I add a new folder on one Mac, I want it to show up on all of the others with “placeholder” files, because I often want to place them somewhere other than the default BTS directory.

But the only way that I know how to get the new folder to a different machine is to click “Share” and then copy the link to a different computer and add it manually.

There has to be an easier way, and I think I'm missing how it is “supposed" to work.

What should I be doing differently?




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I suspect you've not correctly "linked" your devices.

If your devices are  all "linked" under the same license (identity), then set your devices to sync in "Disconnect" mode. When you then add a new folder to Sync on one of your devices, it will then also appear in Sync on your other devices. With your other devices set in "Disconnect" mode, you can then chose which local folder the newly appeared remote folder syncs with.

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