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Drobo 5N clock differs by more than 10 minutes

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I installed the BT Sync Drobo App on my Drobo 5N and allowed it time to synchronize.

The next time I logged in it told me the clock differed by more than 10 minutes from its peers.

I checked all the clocks and they were all the same. However, two peers were using GMT and the Drobo used PDT.  (I checked the Drobo by installing Dropbear and SSH-ing in. I'm in EDT BTW.)

Apparently there's no way to tell the Drobo which time zone to use.

Theoretically, these are all UNIX machines and everybody measures time in seconds since the epoch so there shouldn't be a problem, but I'm assuming since BT Sync runs on a PC it has to play to the lowest common denominator.

The only way I could think of fixing this was to add


export TZ="${tz}"

to DroboApps/BitTorrent_Sync/
This seems to have worked, in that I stopped getting the message, but I did have two corrupt databases as a result.
After disconnecting and connecting one of them it seems to be fine. (I still have to do the other.)
Ideally I would have done this before connecting to my peers.
If anyone else has any better ideas please let me know.
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