[Solved] ipv6 + custom btsync.conf problem


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I have the following setup:

Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit machine + latest btsync (2.3.6). I'm trying to run btsync with the following conf file:

  "device_name": "test",
  "listening_port" : 31513,
  "use_upnp" : false,
  "check_for_updates" : false,
  "download_limit" : 0,
  "upload_limit" : 0,

  "shared_folders" :
      "secret" : "***",
      "dir" : "/home/btsync/material",
      "use_tracker" : true,
      "overwrite_changes" : true

  "folder_defaults.use_relay" : false,
  "folder_defaults.use_tracker" : false,
  "folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast" : false,
  "folder_defaults.delete_to_trash" : false,
  "disk_low_priority" : true,
  "folder_rescan_interval" : 14400,
  "send_statistics" : false,
  "sync_trash_ttl" : 0,
  "enable_journaling" : false,
  "peer_expiration_days" : 1

I'm running it with the following: ./btsync --nodaemon --config btsync.conf. Instead of running, I get the following error message and btsync just quits:

[20160404 21:12:34.925] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100.
[20160404 21:12:34.930] PLC[0x0000000001b7bc40] binding on
[20160404 21:12:34.930] Socket[0x0000000001b7bc40][6] bound listening socket 6 to IP
[20160404 21:12:34.930] UDP: bound listening socket 7 to IP
[20160404 21:12:34.933] Unable to listen for HTTP traffic on port 0.  Exiting...

It seems when IPv6 is disabled on the machine, btsync won't run. If I enable IPv6, it runs just fine, with the same config file.

Is there any workaround to this? I tried to specify webui parameters explicitly, I tried, and, tried setting it to an empty string, tried running btsync with --webui.listen parameter, nothing helps, I just get the same error message. I've also tried setting bind_interface, no luck.

Is this a bug? Do I need to enabled IPv6 for btsync to run??

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