What does 'Finished syncing with <source PC>' mean?


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I have a bunch of notifications (like about a hundred) over the last hour in HISTORY, that say Sync has Finished syncing. But at the same time it is transerring data from the source PC an telling me it will take 5 days to complete at 204.7 KB/s bit rate. 

So my questions are:

what does Finished syncing... indicate?

and doesn't 5 days seem slow?


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Bgregster, it means that Sync stopped transferring data, synchronization cycle is complete. It doesn't mean that all files really have been transferred. Peers might disconnect from each other (or lose connection for a while), some files can be busy by another process so Sync doesn't touch files for some time and there can be another reasons.

What is the size of the shared folder? Is it about 500Gb or more? Or just 6Gb? Maybe Sync will transfer it with better speed and you don't need to wait 5 days.

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Bgregster, thank you for clarification. For 300-400KB/s Sync should download it for 29-38 hours if peers don't disconnect from each other, for 200KB/s it is 58 hours. Probably UI doesn't update remaining time so fast and probably the speed is different or peers disconnect from each other.

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