Issues installing offical linux packages on Pi


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I'm trying to install BTsync on on a Raspberry Pi B+ (Jessie), I followed the instructions on the blog and added the offical linux packages, it installed OK and I ran:

sudo service btsync start

Then checking status seemed to suggest that everything was working OK, however I can't access the gui from another machine on the network to complete setup

I'm using: (I've confirmed the pi IP is correct with ifconfig).

It seems I either need to complete an extra step of set up somehow?

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ecotec, you can edit config file:


There you need to replace by, instead of 8888 you can specify another port.

//before place:
        "listen" : ""
//after replace:
        "listen" : ""

The current value is set for certain purpose: no one will access WebUI unless you enable it.

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