[Solved] Can't Add Camera Folder on Android App as Ordinary Sync Folder

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Update: I'm able to do this once I click off "Simple Mode" in the Advanced options -- which I never noticed before. Now 2-way syncing works perfectly in 2.3.6. But it probably shouldn't be hidden like this. I can imagine lots of people liking the ability to essentially manage their phone's DCIM folder directly from the computer.

With the 1.4 version of BTsync app on my Android phone (Oneplus One updated to Marshmallow), I was able to add my phone's internal camera folder (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera) as an ordinary sync folder. That is, not as a "backup" folder.

Why would I want to do this? Simple. I sync this folder with my computer and my NAS; when I open up the sync app, the folder gets synced with both of these very quickly. Then, I can delete images I don't want from the temp folder, then move the ones I want to keep into my real pictures directly. And these moves and deletes automatically erase the images from my phone when the sync is complete! Now I don't have to remember what I did with what file. Perfect workflow.

But with the upgrade to 2.3.6, that appears to have gone away. First, after uninstalling 1.4 and installing 2.3.6, my existing sync folder was gone. Ok I'll go an re-add it; I have the key after all.

But I click the "+" button then choose "enter a key" (which seems like the logical route), I can enter the key but I can't select arbitrarily my phone's camera folder. Only subfolders in "storage/emulated/0/Download/BitTorrent Sync/". That's not what I want -- I want to go the camera folder directly.

If instead I try "create folder" I get prompted with a chance to select a name, which again becomes a subfolder as above. I can't choose any folder I want.

Scan QR code is just another way to enter a key. That's not going to help. Add backup I believe is the read only backup scenario I don't want (and it chooses the wrong folder, "/storage/emulated/0/Pictures" anyway.

What can I do to go to my phone's camera folder with an already existing key?


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