Restore scenario for encryption trojan?

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i have several Friends and Famility where i use BTSync to have a backup of their files without requiring them to do anything.

Now if i imagine one of them catches an encryption trojan like Locky...how would i go about restoring them?

i have them all set up with a RO copy with activated Archive.

so i'd expect all files to show up in .sync\Archive\...
but some might have different versions already so i would have to identify the last archived version for each -> the one with the highest *.<Number>.<Extension> or maybe all from a certain Date and Time Range?

i guess sooner or later a BTSync user will be hit and it might be nice if there were some guidance or FAQ for that issue.



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On 4/29/2016 at 4:57 PM, Ragnar said:

the one with the highest *.<Number>.

yes. each newly added file version (if a file is edited several times on the remote peer) adds a X index. the latest file has the highest index: filename.txt, then filename1.txt, then filename2. txt and so on. Besides you can also check the creation time of the files in Archive - they get the current timestamp. 

Note that Archive keeps files only for 30 days (can be changed), so in 30 days files will start being deleted by first in - first out rule. And files bigger than 1000MB also do not go to archive and this also can be changed. 

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