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I'm planning to use Bittorrent Sync, to sync business files to a remote server. My plan is to use the encryption function to do this. But i'm wondering if it is possible to restore files from the archive, from the remote server. The structure is:

  • Business PC's use network drive to connect to local NAS
  • Local NAS uses Sync to sync ecrypted with the remote server.

So when employees delete a file, or edit a file, sync doesn't keep a backup in the .sync archive on the NAS. But the remote server does, but encrypted.

How to deal with this? I need to have file versioning, and a backup to restore files when the HDD in the NAS crashes.



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To begin with - encrypted node cannot decrypt files. So archive on encrypted node is not capable of restoring files. 

This topic was already discussed in this tread 


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