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According to Wikipedia BitTorrent Sync works for Windows XP SP 3 and higher but it looks like it is no longer true. I downloaded the 32 bit Windows version but it doesn't install. Is it possible to get some older version of Sync that runs on Windows XP? I didn't manage to find it on the Will it be compatible with the new version I have on my new computer/mobile phone?

Thanks for help.

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The last sync version to run on XP is 1.4, which may be obtained via the links in this thread.

The Sync 1.4 branch is no longer actively developed or supported.

The latest versions of Sync 2.x are not supported on XP, and given Microsoft themselves no longer support XP, you should consider upgrading your obsolete operating system.

If you can't upgrade your obsolete OS, then you can run Sync 1.4, which will allow you to perform basic syncing with 2.x clients, but you'll be missing out on a lot of features/fixes of the 2.x branch.

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Thank you very much for quick reply and for the link. I run obsolete system on obsolete computer but it still have some uses - for example I am not afraid it might get damaged somehow or if someone were so stupid to steal it it won't be such loss ;-) But it's not worth buing newer OS for it and I feel too old to learn Linux.

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