Slow Sync Speeds Between Two Fast Hosts


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Hello All -

I've been using BTSync Pro for a few months now.  I love the concept, but there's only 1 issue that keeps causing me issues: speed.  From my home system (Windows 10 x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378) Service Mode) synchronizes with a few of my devices over LAN however 99% of the traffic going through it is from a Linux system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378)) over the internet.  The two folders it syncs are what is running slowly on a constant basis.

Most of the files being synced are larger 3+gb files.  When I attempt to download the files from the same host using HTTP or FTP via the CrushFTP server I have installed on the Linux box, I get consistent speeds which reach my fastest download speed of ~3.5Mbps.  When syncing between the two computers using BTSync and same files, you never know what you are going to get.  It averages around 1Mbps but can range from 300kbps -> 3.0Mbps.  It never wildly jumps between speeds, but will stay within 150kbps range of whatever it decideds to download at for the time.  I've looked over some settings in BTSync, but nothing I've found or tried seems to help.  I've verified that the used ports are open even though opened via uPNP and also added dedicated hosts to the folders being synced.  I've even tried to use a service like VyperVPN which sometimes helps a lot, but shouldn't be nessesary.

Perhaps Comcast / Xfinity is throttling my traffic even though they generally claim that they do not do so.  Does anyone else experience this type of thing consistently when other protocols are working just fine?  

Any suggestions for what I may do?  If potentially throttling, is there any way to mask it?


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Well, there might be a lot of reasons for slow speed -ranging from network to the files stuck.  First of all please make sure that MB/s and Mbs are not confused. Sync reports speed in UI in MBs, not Mbs.

Also, here you can find some more tips on improving speed . together with UPnP, try manually forwarding the ports. And make sure that machines car read-write from/to disk faster. Speed cannot be bigger than that at which uploading machine can read the files, and downloading - write them, for example syncing to a non-local drive can be slower. 

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