Android problem syncing wma files

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I have setup a read-sync folder on my android, with selective-sync. I have a library of audiobooks, where each folder contains 100-200 wma or mp3 files. When I sync a folder, all audio-book files are downloaded. Bittorrent-sync states that all files are successfully downloaded. When I view the files in an android explorer, size of file looks ok. But when I try to play in VLC, not all files are playable. When i download 100 files, generally 5-10 files are corrupt. I.e. media player cannot read audio-tag information, or play the file. When I "clear" the corrupt files in bittorrent-sync and re-download them, they are usually ok to play again. I.e. I am confident that files are ok on server, but become corrupt on my Android device while downloading.

Why does Bittorrent sync think files are ok? When they actually are not?

Is this the root-cause Android platform?

Is the root-cause an WMA or mp3 issue?

May I encounter the same phenomena on other files as jpg when syncing between NAS-Windows application. I am worried for my picture backups too. I have updated to the latest 2.3.7 version on all server, and downloaded latest android, which is 2.3.5.



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I have today also set up a Windows-pc, to sync from the same folder in read-only mode. After copying half the content on the server, Windows-mediaplayer can't find a single mp3 or wma track with faulty unknown TAG's. All files seem playable.

I have separately downloaded the same files on my android using "file manager" over wifi. All these files display correctly in VLC and Kodi, which I run as mediaplayers on my android device.

All these trials indicates that the actual cause is the android-bittorrent-sync software, that makes the mp3 and wma files corrupt, but itself believes everything is ok. 

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It looks like a known problem, fixed by now in v 2.3.7. Not available yet for mobiles, as it's still on 2.3.5. 

Can you please confirm that this issue happens if in Selective Sync mode you picked to sync the whole subfolder? Or you tapped on a partially downloaded file? try to avoid it. 

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Hi all,

I'm on Android Version 2.5.9 (7471) and still this problem persists.

I had to rebuild my NAS server - Vanilla  debian stretch platform - real basic - samba, Resilio sync, not much else at this point. Resilio Sync version 2.5.12 (1191). The phone is HTC10 running Nougat and the NAS is homebrew on a celeron ITX all in one mobo.

Been using BTSync since the early days and life hasn't been the same since BTSync V1.4 which was the closest I've ever been to set and forget.

So this weekend I set up fresh sync relationships on both devices to the My Docs, Downloads, DCIM, Pictures and Music folders to pull from my Android device and let it sync the data to my NAS.

42GbB of pictures and DCIM transferred without a hitch but in the 10GB music folder 10 to 15% of the files were partly filled with zeros and missing the tag info.

I used a file diff tool to compare what had copied to the NAS with my previous backups so I know with certainty what is ok and what is not.

I've never had a problem with sync relationships between the NAS and my windows 7 laptop. It's only music files involving Android that hits this problem.

The  showstopper for me is that Resilio Sync lies. The sizes look good, it tells you the sync is complete. But its not. And then the file corruption grows like a cancer. Just tell me my files are not synced please? And which files you can't sync/copy/verify? I'm not particularly interested in why they won't sync, but PLEASE don't lie about it!

The only way to be sure after the event is to break into the diff tool box and start mucking about.  I'd have moved to syncthing if they'd not shot themselves in the foot by not being able to write to external SD cards on later Android versions. And yes there are workarounds, but their workarounds are not really solutions.

The whole Android mess is beginning to remind me of the good old Microsoft days all over again.

How hard can it be to sync files between devices? No one, not resilio, syncthing, dropbox, google drive etc etc etc seem to have managed a complete solution without screwing something up somewhere.

In hope of utopia one day,





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this is a serious issue and needs investigation. Could you please send the debug logs from both - Android and NAS (instruction), and mention the filenames. No need to reproduce (bu if you have a recent reproduction captured by the log, that would help a lot).


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