Asustor 1002T - Problem after Update

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I have two Asustor 1002T that I last week updated to ADM version 2.6.0.R4R1. After the update I can no longer access the Web-UI.

PS: Asustor is only using version 2.3.3 of btsync.

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There is 2.3.7 for Asus. Just checked on lab Asus, works fine. 

So on the problem - any details: error messages, the pattern - I mean why exactly you cannot access WebUI? I bet you've tried rebooting the NAS after system update? Try manually launching the binary - ssh to your NAS and launch, most likely binary will be in /volume1/.@plugins/AppCentral/bittorrent-sync/app

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The problem seems to be again with ARM architecture. Please, try replacing btsync_arm binary in /volume1/.@plugins/AppCentral/bittorrent-sync/app  with armhv. This shall work. 

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Absolutely no error messages. The only thing my browser says is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, the same thing it says when the server is not running.

I have rebooted several times but no change. I went as far as resetting my NAS to try on a fresh system, no luck. I figured I should check if the service is actually running, but does't seem to be.   

Tried installing the package you linked to, stil not working. I guess I'll try replacing btsync_arm, but first: how do I do that?

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@nuts You'll need to connect to your NAS over SSH protocol, locate the binary and replace it. Here is kind of instruction for you

1. Connect to your NAS over SSH.
If you are on windows - you'll need a putty tool. See instruction here.
If you are on Linux of OS X - just open a terminal window and type "ssh root@<your_nas_ip_or_name>", it'll prompt for password and you are there.

2. Locate your binary.

For Asustor it always stays here:


so just change your current dir with cd command.

3. Replacing binary
Rename it to something else for beginning:

mv btsync_arm btsync_arm_old

then get the new binary there:


unpack the archive:

tar zxvf BitTorrent-Sync_armhf.tar.gz

and finally rename the binary that was in archive to "btsync_arm":

mv btsync btsync_arm

Try running your Sync and see if it works.

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