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I tried searching the forum but for some strange reason not many topics on this matter. I am trying to add a folder to share that is on a network share i have mapped to the computer. This folder resides on my NAS where all my storage is. 

In the UI it only shows the C: drive and never my mapped drives. When i try to manually type in the file path i get an error "You do not have permissions to write to this directory." even though i do have sufficient access.

Any help would be appreciated. I cant see this as a limitation as i would think lots of people use NAS storage for their data.


- Joshua

New Folder.PNG

Mapped Drive.PNG


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This won't work with services. Drives are mapped only on interactive logon while services do not perform it. MSDN reads: 

Each logon session receives its own set of drive letters from A to Z. Therefore, redirected drives cannot be shared between processes running under different user accounts. Moreover, a service (or any process running within its own logon session) cannot access the drive letters that were established within a different logon session.

So service cannot get access to letter drive. A workaround here will be to use \\192.168.x.xxx\folder path.

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Even if you use a UNC path, I assume Sync wouldn't get notification of file system changes on a network drive.   Changes would only be synced on the scheduled reindex, not as they happen.  

This may be a pretty subpar experience depending on your use.



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