20% of the time i get stuck at 100-500Kbps download. otherwise im maxed at 100 Mbps


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So just like the title says, most of the time BTsync maxs out my connection from my server but sometimes i get reduced to a crawl and I would like help diagnosing where the problem lies.

My server has 1Gbps upload and my home connection has 100Mbps down.

I have no idea what the problem is  possibly BTSync settings, isp throttle at certain times, a bottleneck somewhere between me an d the server or my server not uploading at advertised speeds correctly. It has to be one of these four but im not sure how to diagnose it.

Where can we start and what information can i provide to help us figure it out?


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vxeel, there can be various reasons why you have slow transfer speed. First you can check this article explaining how to improve transfer speed. Second you can open task manager or system monitor on both peers and check if you have 99-100% disk read speed. If you see it then Sync won't be able to transfer faster because of hardware limitations.

If that doesn't help you we need to know how many files you transfer, is your home computer connected to the internet via wifi or wired network and you can send us logs for analysis (mention time when speed was low and this topic).


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