Mobile Backup not connecting

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Used the old version for a very long time without any problems. Now after about a year (upgraded pc from Win7 to Win10) I wanted to use again just to backup cellphone folders to my PC but can't seem to get it working.

Strange enough I even had a hard time getting things setup. No real good manual or tutorial .

And allthough I think I got it right now.

Folders - add folder - back-up folder

Under my devices (Android) It shows my pc as being online with a green dot, but when trying to backup a folder it keeps telling me 'connecting.....'

On my pc is shows as being disconnected?


I suspect some sort of firewall or port problem ..??

Any help would be appreciated


Win10 x64

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TaranQ, do you have the latest version on all devices and Pro license on the computer? "My devices" is the Pro feature so if you don't have the license on the computer and camera backup folder is not already listed and the computer it won't be connected. However, if you share the folder via key or link with computer and add the folder it should be synchronized.

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Hmmmmmm I don't have a pro account... It can be done without a Pro license? (didn't need one when I used Sync like 2 years ago) 

Not sure if I use correct procedure to create backups... Most tutorials are from older version. 

Gonna try some more. 

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