Sync asking for new identity when starting

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I am running sync on a number of boxes (Ubuntu 14.04), all with the exact same configuration, which you can see here -

Recently on one of my laptops, it is asking for a new identity when I visit the webGUI. If I do, it creates a new identity in the storage_path folder where the original .SyncUser is.

Is there any way to specify to use the current .SyncUser folder that is in the storage_path folder, rather than try and create a new one?

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AnnHashaway, unfortunately there is no way to specify .syncuser folder. I think it happens because Sync couldn't save settings about identity when you closed Sync. Do you use SIGKILL or SIGTERM signal? It's better to use SIGTERM signal so Sync can save settings before shutting down. SIGTERM signal used by default if you use this command:

killall process_name 

But you can do that manually:

ps aux |grep btsync

to get btsync PID and use this command to shutdown Sync correctly:

kill -15 PID

Check if Sync ask you about identity name after you close it correctly.

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