Copy folder & sync on both Ext HDs

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Hi, I just was curious about the function of folders when they are copied. 

When I copy a folder from one hard drive (#1) that has a folder already being synced to another computer's (#2), when viewed on the new hard drive which I copied it onto (#3) it has the Sync label in the Mac finder view.

Does this mean that the new copied folder onto the 3rd external drive will also be synced? It is under a different name and is not listed under the folders when opened in Sync, it is just the view in the finder that leads me to believe that.  The drive #3 is a backup of sorts, if that makes a difference.
Cheers and thanks!

Included an image of the folder in finder as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 3.15.25 PM.png

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@yhsvl No, as soon as you copy it, it is no longer synced. When you copy the folder, your Mac also copies all assets including custom icon. Though, it does not add the folder to Sync automatically and Sync won't update files in copied folder. Still, it'll monitor the original folder as designed.

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