offline and online at same time


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One folder on PC acer says peer asus is offline, but at the same time says it is downloading 14 files from a different folder on asus.

Asus agrees that acer is offline for the 1st folder but is sending files to the other folder to acer.


Another PC has 2 folders synched with 2 other PCs, one folder says 1 of 2 peers are online, the other folder says 2 of 2 are online.

When I click on options / help / help center I get this error on multiple PCs.

The request could not be satisfied.
Bad request.

Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
Request ID: XJtRnb6kjNZvSnyBg_uhBD5Xok_pr7r9tHFuPQTX2aBCo-_CV8GAJg==


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@patoka The broken Help Center link within the software is currently being fixed, in the meantime, the correct link for the Help Center is

In relation to being online and offline at the same time - is this in your "My Devices" window, or is this "per folder"? If it's the latter, it's possibly because you've disconnected folder A on device X, whilst folder B on device X remains connected. Therefore, when you view a folder A's peers on your other devices, device X will appear "online" for folder B, and "offline" for folder A.

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Better send the screenshots to support team, don't forget to put link to this topic. Most likely it remains from an old identity which was recreated on that PC?

And for UI not showing up - did you have a second display that is no longer connected? Try toggling Win+right, Win+left hotkeys or being focused on Sync, press Alt+Space, then M, and then use arrows to move UI.


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