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i had a notification for non valid character on windows 7.

the file on my mac has a " in the name.
on the win7 pc, it have been replaced with _

What the name will be on the mac, will it stay " or will it be rename ?
Should i rename thoses files or can i let them the way they are ?



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56 minutes ago, zbigb69 said:

Should i rename thoses files or can i let them the way they are ?

The best advice - if you're syncing files between multiple operating system types - is to ensure file names only contain characters which are valid for file names across all operating systems.

For syncing to Windows operating systems from non-Windows OS's, that means ensuring none of the following characters are present in your non-Windows OS filenames: \ / : * ? " < > |

Also, pay attention to the letter case of file names. Some OSs will allow "TEST.txt" and "test.txt" to co-exist in the same folder as two separate files. Windows, however, would see these two files as the same, and cause a conflict when syncing.

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