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Hey there, 

I looked around a bit and i believe this feature was not requested until now.
I have lots of big-sized folders. And lots of Raspberries and Android Devices with limited space.

One idea:

Is it possible to Selective-Sync by given rules?
A 'Player'-Mode..

For example:
You have your android device connected to your music folder which is >500GB.
When you put new music in the folder, your android device syncs only the recent files up until a given limit 4 Gb.
This way you always have your fresh music files.

The idea would be to define some rules for an auto-selective-sync:
- sync recent 20 files, until a certain size-limit
- sync by filemask
- sync only files smaller than 1 Gb

Just an idea.

All in all great programm, keep it up you guys. 

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variations on selective sync have been proposed in the past but I think they're buried in the forums.

I agree, custom policies would be nice. I'd like for my servers to sync everything, but my workstation should only hold files that have been accessed in the past 30 days.

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