Kevin Westby

Last Synology DSM upgrade not compatible with 2.3.7?

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im obviously missing something in my setup of ssh.

Using terminal from OSC I ssh into the box fine with admin and the admin password but I get permission denied when trying to mkdir...


Managed to get through the install process having to prefix everything with sudo but once complete no sign of sync in packages and cant launch from drop down menu. Any ideas?


thanks for the help!

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Hi! I got the same problem. After the update  DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 1  on my DS212j 
sync will not start syncing and the GUI looks like the picture. Is it possible to downgrade the DSM 
or is there a fix for this problem ?


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Sorry about the delay. Once connected type 'sudo -i" and you shall switch to root user with all permissions



What Sync version do you run? It looks like you have a lot of folders with a lot of files, so loading them all takes time. The folders shall eventually show up. Also, try to ssh to your NAS,  cd /usr/local/bittorrentsync/var/ , list the files (ls -alh | grep db ) and see their size. IF they are too big, that is the problem. 

Also, check CPU and RAM consumption while you see that blank UI. 



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