[Solved] Both devices online, but neither sees the other?

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I'm using the basic Sync app (not Pro) to synchronize a folder between my Samsung Note Pro tablet and my Motorola DROID Turbo 2 phone. It worked like a charm earlier today (synching several GBs of data both ways between my devices), but after disconnecting and reconnecting my phone to WiFi, now neither device can seem to "see" the other; each device shows the other as "Offline."

Both are on the same WiFi network (don't think that's necessary, but they are), and both have Internet access. Restarting the Sync app on both devices hasn't made any difference. Is there any way to refresh that status?

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@JQCaffeine Couple of things to check:
1. Check if there is any connectivity between phones at all. Ping is ideal if you got a terminal on your phone.
2. Ensure that both apps on both phones are brought to foreground. Sync for android unloads core for 30 minutes to save power if app is in background. So technically, 2 apps on 2 androids may never meet if they started with a time shift.

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