Lightroom 70k file folder takes 2hr to index

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Lightroom isn't open and locking any files. I work with the Lightroom catalog on machines with SSD so I assume it index faster?  It is then synced to a dedicated PC for backup which uses a network-share on freenas server as storage location. It is this PC which is taking 2hrs to index the 70k files.

Are you inferring it shouldn't take 2hrs to index? I've collected 326MB of log files for the past week since adding the Lightroom folder. Should I send all of them? 




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Lightroom catalog folders contain many "preview" files, so I understand that there's a lot for Sync to do.  I have 64,781 files in 64,092 folders, consuming 47.5 GB.  All of this is on an internal SSD.  Maybe it simply takes a long time to do the job.  My memory might be incorrect, but I think the indexing task used to be less resource intensive.  However, bugs have been fixed since then and it is possible that doing it the "right way" takes more resources.


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On 7/18/2016 at 6:09 AM, Helen said:

no error's were discovered in KawateTadako's setup, and slow indexing was rather too many files to be rechecked over SMB. 

what is your setup, @sbhouchen? You can contact support here , or use the instruction I gave above: 


My 70k files via NAS SMB indexing took over 10hrs, but even with local windows SSD laptop drive it was indexing a lot. 

For anyone having issues with Lightroom, you need to manually extend the interval rescan time because the file count to index is high. 

Even on a fast local SSD, 70k files will take several minutes to scan. The default is 10 minutes interval, but if your scans take 5 minutes you'll be using 33% of the time indexing wasting CPU resources; sucks on laptops. BTsync doesn't warn you about this, most users won't know the advance settings to change. 

For anyone trying to use SMB on a NAS share, skip it, indexing is way too slow. I ended up abandoning it. Resorted to creating a windows VM with Dynamic VHD image stored on the NAS. This way the data is still stored on the NAS, but btsync still see it as a NTFS drive.

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