Syncing stops after a few minutes

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For the past two weeks syncing starts and stops after about 1 minute. If I restart the application it starts again but stops again after 1-2 minuets. This is the error in the log file:

[2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773]: Max number of torrents reached (105)
[2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[8773] [C8BD]: connect files to peer, queue:99 dowloading:2/14092866 speed:13106
[2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:UnloadInactiveTorrents - torrent wants connection
[2016-07-04 06:20:41] SF[B088]: Not loading torrents - sync is paused or fc error
[2016-07-04 06:20:41] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: timer, reason:ConnectMorePeers - sync is paused or fc error

I've tried many tweaks I found on Google, nothing helped.

What can I do?

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The torrents (metadata) buffer is loaded. This buffer is kind of a queue or metadata which peers exchange right before syncing files so that receiving peer knew which file it should accept. 

This is usually caused by too many files being synced, so that one of the peers fails to process them in time, so they stuck until the peer is able to get to them.
There are multiple reasons why it may happen. For example, the peer is busy with other processes, the network is busy, files themselves are currently not available, weak router, and another dozen of reasons.  Well, and make sure that Sync is not on pause :)

That log extract doesn't give much info unfortunately. Can you please send the whole log from both peers to support? 

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