Containerized Sync: no pro sync for share from mounted user directory

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Hi all,

I have troubles automatically syncing directories in my user context with having the Sync instance encapsulated in a Docker container (having a Pro licence)

  • Using the Sync-Dockerfile [1] [2] (afais Ubuntu 15.04), I have setup an instance on a Ubuntu based server and anothe rinstance on my Fedora 23 desktop.
    • the server's data directory points to a btrfs subvolume, i.e., DATA_FOLDER="/data/sync/"
      > docker run -d --name Sync  -p$WEBUI_PORT:8888 -p 55555  -v $DATA_FOLDER:/mnt/sync  --restart on-failure  bittorrent/sync
    • on the desktop I mount additionally my user's home to be able to sync selectively directories, i.e., into the containers /mnt/mounted_folders path (afais the target path for additional directories in the container's default config)
      > docker run -d --name Sync   -p$WEBUI_PORT:8888 -p 55555   -v $DATA_FOLDER:/mnt/sync -v /home/MYUSER:/mnt/mounted_folders/MYUSER   --restart on-failure   bittorrent/sync

When I add on my desktop a directory from my user's home path, it appears in principle after some time in the server's WebUI and the base directory created in server:/data/sync/folder/... However, no files are being synced and the directory on the server stays empty. On the desktop, a .sync firectory is created being owned by root as the docker daemon's owner.
I have already tried to decrease the scan frequency to 300s just in case the file system notifies are not being passed through to the container(??) - but without success and the content of the user folder is not synced.

Maybe somebody has an idea for me, how to get the user folder synced?

Cheers and thanks,

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And do files appear in sync queue on desktop? It's hard to tell what exactly is wrong, can you please send the logs from both peers? they shall be in $data_folder/config to support? 


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Hi Helen,

unfortunately, I have moved on my desktop in the meantime from the containerized client to run it directly within my user's context, i.e., 

 > systemctl --user {start,enable} btsync

I have to see, if I have kept the container logs in a snapshot


Anyway, running sync directly in the user context has no problems syncing. So, I suspect with the container either network issues (which would be strange, since both setups have been using the same ports on the host) or file system permission/ACLs related problems (would also be strange, because the user directory was readable/writable in the containter context (root...) with .sync in the folder successfully created.

Does Sync use inotify for tracking file system changes on Linux? If so, my best guess would be, that inotifies are not passed through to a container (but should be the same kernel, so...?). But I am not really an expert on containers or file systems ;) 


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