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I have created a Sync v2.3.8 jail on my FreeNAS v9.10 box.

Problem is, that the WebUI is not reachable. I can ping the jail's IP(v4) (locally fix, outside of my DHCP range), but no one is listening on port  8888.
A btsync process is running in the jail listening on 49692/udp (if I get the BSD netstat -4 -l  right...) but no one on 8888.
With sockstats -l -4 I see the btsync PID listening on 49692 and 12349 on the external IP and on 8888 only for

I guess, I have to configure sync to listen on the external interface in addition, or? Question would be where/how?
I found /.sync/settings.dat in the jails root, however vi throws an error "Conversion error on line 1 / Error: unable to retrieve line 1", whereas I can cat/less the file - including some broken(??) characters at the end of the first line at 'peer_id20:'
If the plugin/jail is corrupted, I would wonder since I had assumed that they are checksumed in the FreeNAS repo?

Cheers and thanks for ideas,

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do you mean that you're trying to each it from outside your LAN or subnet? this may fail unless you have a kind of a tunnel to your LAN where Sync runs. 

if it's actually reachable, check btsync.conf. it shall be in /usr/pbi/btsync-xxxx/etc/btsync.conf. It shall have line "webui.listen": "". 

In any case you need to create an jail's alias the NAS's interface. the easiest way is via FreeNAS webUI : double click on the jail -> Advanced settings. Disable VIMAGE and NAT, and in NIC pick your interface. Restart jail. 

check with command jls that jail has address assigned and and open ui on it. 

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