Upgrading Sync version on a device disconnected all folders in all devices

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I had the following issue. I have Sync Pro for personal use installed on four devices. One of them were switched off a long time, but it had a relatively new version of Sync (2.3.4). The other three devices where almost up to date, 2.3.8, 2.3.6 and 2.3.6 (this one installed as a service).

What happened is:

  1. Switched on the device with the old version and upgraded to latest version. Restarted.
  2. All my devices had all their folders disconnected. No warnings. No messages.

How can this happen? Did I do something wrong?

Don't make me wrong, I really like the product, it has unique features not found in, for instance, DropBox. But from time to time it has issues that make it unsuitable for real work. Now that is a paid for product, this should be a really concerning issue. I would like to use it in my company, but I think it is not ready yet.

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Was this old device linked to the common identity? 

There was an issue found with a device being offline for a long time and then reconnecting. That will force other devices to rest their folder state to defaults. Once your linking mode was "Disconnected" (is it? you can see if "MY devices " -> this device ), then your folders got disconnected. It's fixed by now. 

Sorry about the troubles caused, but you will need to reconnect the folders manually pointing them to their locations. 

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