Is BTSync killing my SSD drives?

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A few days ago my SSD drive (Samsung 850 PRO) which I've used for just three months started failing (I/O errors).

This made me switch to an HDD temporarily, and I have noticed something that was unnoticeable with SSD: constant disk activity!

Turns out BTSync rapidly and repeatedly creates and deletes files named "drive_test_xxxxxxxxxx_yyyyyyyyy" (where x and y are some numbers) in the ".sync" subdirectories of synced folders.

According to BTSync's UI this is happening during "Indexing" a folder. (which takes a while, sometime hours, and for now it looks like after indexing all folders it starts over so it never ends -- I will keep observing to see if it will stop eventually)

At the same time my SSD drive's S.M.A.R.T. info shows over 20 TB of data written (in just three months!), some reassigned sectors and unrecoverable errors.

What is the reason for BTSync to repeatedly create/delete an enormous number of small files? Doesn't this behavior cause SSD wear?

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I guess, that's the same problem reported here. 

and already fixed. If you want to try the the fix, PM me and tell what's your linux architecture (that 1 second of log extract doesn't tell it).  thanks. 



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