[Solved] How to clear history log

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Hi All, brand new newbie :).

I'm looking for a way to clear the history log - I thought that I had seen and done it a week or so ago just after I installed the program, but now can't see that option in/under any of the options. Searched for it using "clearing history logs" in the search function on this site but got nowhere.


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jpp, you can clear history if you delete history.dat and history.dat.old files from the storage folder. Sync doesn't have the feature to remove all history from the UI, but I added it in the wishlist. But you can disable logs in the Sync preferences => Advanced. It will reduce CPU usage but if something happens we won't be able to know why it happened.

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Thanks Remirus. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work for me. I deleted both files, then closed and restarted the program, but the history is still there. The 2 files I deleted had the current day's time stamp, so I think they would have been the correct files.

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On 16/08/2016 at 5:11 PM, Remirus said:

jpp, thank you for the clarification. I reproduced it. Looks like Sync saves events if you delete files while it is opened. So you can close Sync, delete files, open Sync and check history again.

Further to this topic Remirus, I'd like to suggest that an option be put in for keeping only the last xx entries (or file size). It's amazing just how quickly the history file grows. Rather than just have a manual file delete option, this would I think be a more useful way of still keeping the last xx entries, yet at the same time not have the file grow indefinitely.

Thanks, Phil.

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