Two computers to one Synology

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I have one BTS Pro Personal license that I use on my ecosystem of W10, ios devices and Synology.  This way I have a backup of my computer on synology (and the ios devices).  Now I want to back up my second computer to the same Synology, by installing BTS on that computer.  How can I set it up in a way that both computers sync to the Synology while each computer stays "invisible" to the other, ie without using the same identity?  If I install BTS on second computer with same identity, the two computers will "see" each others content.  If I create a new identity on second computer, i understand that the first identity on the Synology will get replaced and only second computer will back up there..  Many thanks in advance for any pointers.

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You can share a folder between different identities, so: create a new identity on the second computer, create a folder (either standard or advanced) and add it to the Synology (under the existing identity).

Since the first computer and the Synology are under the same identity, the first computer will see the folder of the second computer. You can leave it disconnected, so that it does not get synced. (Or you could give the first computer it's own identity as well.)

Ps. Sync is not a backup tool: a deletion of a file removes the file from all machines and by default deleted files are only retained for 30 days. So, you'll either want to set the archive retention time to unlimited and/or use an incremental backup tool.

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