how to remove users which are disconnected and not syncing anymore

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Dear reader

When I was setting up resilio Pro, I had to set up several peers. About half of the peers are not in use anymore and are disabled. But how can I remove them from the Peer list and not have them listed with Permissions Disconnected?

Thank you for your help.

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@ Yi Wang: Thank you for your comment.


I checked in the power-user-preference list, where for peer_expiration_days is listed: "Number of days to pass before a peer is removed from the peer list".

Out of that explanation, it is not clear to me, which kind of property a peer has to have to actually get removed from the peer list, since the peers which are offline and disconnected are listed in the Peer list for way over 7 days.

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 The peers are gone (see 0 of 0 peers column), but the identity indeed remains in the list cause once the identity was granted access to the share, and theoretically a new device may get linked to that identity and get access to the share. You can disconnect the identity - it's available only for Pro version for Advanced shares, click on Permissions for that identity (read and write)  -> Disconnect.

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