Known issues with Mac DMG files?


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Is there a known bug with Mac program files (DMG) synching?

I had two folders that were finished synching yesterday. I took one file, a 6.6 MB OS X app (in DMG format) out of one folder and put it into another folder. The folder the file was added to is now attempting to sync with the other peer, but it's going at around 100 KB/s or less. And these are two computers on the same LAN, so the speed should be in MB/s not KB/s. I am quite puzzled by what I'm seeing.

Is this a known issue?

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M'kay, now I'm going to be that guy that responds to his own post. :$

I watched it limp along for about 20 minutes at 100 KB/s to 200 KB/s, then suddenly it shoots to 10 MB/s and stays there for several minutes. I am baffled - why is the speed so wildly inconsistent? And why, if I had simply added one 6.6 MB file, does it do a large transfer? It sure looked like it was doing more than just the one file...yet I can't see anything in the History view of what it did.

I find Resilio very unpredictable and odd - with Cubby, I know exactly what it's doing because I can see it happening and it all makes sense (expected behaviours). Not so with Resilio.

I want to switch away from Cubby because Cubby is too expensive (I don't want or need their 100 GB of cloud storage, but they force it on you), but I need to feel confident in Resilio and right now I don't.

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that 100 KB/s to 200 KB/s, - is rather an attempt to sync the file, rather than syncing itself. not sure why exactly, but the file was not ready to be synced. 
As for the big transfer - well, apparently, more than that one file got synced. I'm not sure without having any details about your setup and seeing your logs. 
You can check History, peer list and Status column to see the syncing activity. 

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Thank you for the response. One of the things that surprises me is how long it takes to initiate a sync - or, at least, for it to actually occur. And sometimes it happens in phases - I was synching my iMac desktop and all the folders synced, one file, but the other 20 or so files didn't sync (and it had finished; there was no active sync occurring). I emailed your support team, went away for a few hours, and when I came back the files were all there! That seems quite unreliable to me. How long should it take for all files to be synched? 

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Files get synced immediately after 1) Sync gets notified about a file changed/added/deleted and 2) the file is ready to be synced (not being in use) . 

1) it may happen that system does not notify Sync about file change. Then Sync learns about it itself, by scanning the folder periodically. See here for details.
2) If you edit a file with an app, it might be keeping the file in exclusive access (some apps do that). So Sync has nothing to do but to wait for the file to be free. 

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