Keep trying to connect to external hard drive without any sync folder

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Hi there!

I've been using sync for quite some time now and everything works perfectly except that now I have removed two nas on my work environment.

I did have some folder managed by sync in there but not anymore. Still when I open the app, my mac always shows me the "Can't connect to server" dialog and after that sync window get responsive again. This suggest it is sync that is trying to connect but I assure you, I have absolutely no more content on sync.

What can I do to stop sync trying to connect to those nas that I don't have anymore?

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I suppose that the full error that you see is "Cannot connect to tracker server", right? It has nothing to do with your NAS servers. 
That error means that yet there is no connection to trackers, perhaps the network is not yet fully up, or Sync sockets are not yet setup. Once it's done and connection too trackers is possible that error goes away. If connection to trackers is not possible, error remains. 

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