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Hello everyone.

I am trying to sync my Lightroom content from my desktop to my laptop for when I'm on the go. The first time, I told the Lightroom catalogue to just stay in it's normal place and I synced it normally. It saves in the user\Pictures folder on Windows. After a few days of working in LR, I saw my server space went from 600gb free to 50gb free. Every change I made in LR, it synced and created a new archive to my server. And since the server saves all changes for 45 days, I'd have hundreds upon hundreds of versions of the LR catalogue.

I searched a bit and found this link


And it says:




You can also set the maximum file size to be versioned by adjusting the Max archive file size parameter.

1 stands for 1Mb, so 1000 means that the maximum file size is set to 1000Mb.



I'm not sure if this setting I found above would limit the number of total file size changes? For example, if I set it to 2000, that would give me roughly 2gb of file versions. But what happens after that? If I set it to 5000, and it keeps roughly 5gb of changes, does it begin to delete the OLDEST ones first?

Normally I don't mind about the number of file versions, because most images or documents are, at most, 40mb. But my LR catalogue is 900mb, and every time I make 1 stroke or change 1 tiny thing, the whole catalogue gets backed up (which I want), but the number of versions gets out of hand.

Are there any solutions anyone could think of?

Thank you very much. :)


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@zkyevolved The limit you refer to is only for file size, not for the total amount of files. There is no setting that limits amount of copies in Archive. Although, there is a setting which orders Sync to clean up old archived files with age of 30 days or more. You can reduce this limit to, say, 5 days and reduce your total amount of archived data. Check the sync_trash_ttl power option - it indicates file storing period in days.

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