Sync speed on finding file changes on NAS

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I have a raspberry pi running sync and synchronizing folders from a home NAS (Apple Airport Extreme).  It's taking a long time for sync to re-index and find file changes on the NAS as they are modified/added/deleted by other machines accessing it and as far as I know the only way sync finds these changes is on re-scanning/re-indexing the NAS.

I have two point's I'd like bring here:

1) Is there a way to speed this process ? For instance prioritizing more important folders over others that I know are not often changed or are less important/critical?

2) Is there a way to tell sync to "look into that folder now" as I know things changed and want them to be shared asap?

These were somehow discussed years back without a clear answer so I am bringing the issue back, after several new versions as it seems they still exists or the solution or work-around (if any) was not shared.

Despite the points above, sync is a great product and refining it considering these points would make it even better.

Suggestions, hints are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Carlos Benjamin.

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Reindexing is only one way Sync learns about files update. System notifications - are the other. And in your case the latter seems to be not working. 
To answer your questions:

1) Prioritisation is not implemented. To speed indexing, you can decrease rescan interval (in Sync settings -> Advanced -> power user). Or restart Sync. 
Decreasing rescan_interval may result in higher CPU usage, cause Sync will have to re-read all the files more frequently. Sync rescans all the shares one by one. 
2) Restart Sync. ion each start rescanning is taking place. 

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