Is there a road map for supporting "shares with many (really many) files" ?


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im a long-time user of btsync, and more or less satisfied. I basically replaced googledrive, dropbox, onedrive and all the others with my btsync network. YEAH! Thats a success. Now, the big it companies merely now where i am on the internet, but not what i store. Thats awesome.

BUT on my low-end devices, btsync is a memory hog and a cpu cycle eater. That is (as i now realized while reading the performance tips that are floating around) because I store all my nitty gritty little files in sync (all the files that otherwise would be in some big brother cloud). E.g. on the one low-end device which really gives me an headache currently, i have one share that contains my digital library with 4 GB hdd, 80k files and 2k directories. The performance of the device (intel atom dual core w/ win8pro and 2gb ram) seems strongly correlated with the number of files that are synced by btsync.

For my "high-end" hardware, i dont complain. but for the low-end hardware, performance is getting more and more unbearable.


Thats why i ask:

@all: What is your strategy coping with this problem?

@resilio: Is there a road map for tackeling that problem? If yes, please share it with me/us. If no, please share with us/me how we can get rid of this problem, e.g. tell me which alternative service provides a sync for lots of small files.

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well, two suggestions from us: 
1) if possible, rearrange folders to have less nested levels inside. 
2) if you have high activity in the share, especially if you generate and then delete the files there, for example, some temp copies, you can re-add the share there from time to time. 
I don't know which alternative service provides a sync for lots of small files :)

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