[Solved] Botched upgrade to 2.4 on Win

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Yet again, upgrade issues with BTS.  :(  The following just happened:

1) Clicking "Check upgrade" found the upgrade to 2.4 and i started the process

2) I confirmed that the Resilio will replace BTS

3) I confirmed that the "app" can make changes in my computer

4) Then i got "Uninstall failed" message and everything exited

5) Upon restart of the computer, neither 2.4 nor 2.3 seem to be installed installed :(((

So - given that this is the "owner" computer, what do I do now in order to avoid having to recreate my identity and resync 2 GB of files across all my devices?

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Check  C:\Users\your_user\appdata\roaming and see if you have BitTorrent Sync and/or Resilio Sync folder there, and files inside them. If there are sync.dat and sync.dat.old you can ry and run the appropriate installer again, the configuration shall be preserved.  If there are also any sync.log, can you please send these to support? 

And I wonder how 2.3 was installed (as service or not) and under what user. Is you PC in a domain? 

Also check two Registry keys: 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Applications\BTSync.exe\shell\open\command  (here check also ResilioSync.exe instead of BTSyn.exe)

Are they writable? Are there any keys (a few screenshots of that would be helpful). 

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Thank you, Helen. In the end I had Dan from your support resolve it for me via teamviewer. As for what the status was for your troubleshooting purposes: I only had the BTS directory there with all the config files, the Resilio one was almost empty (except for the executable of Resilio Sync). Dan said he faced exact same issue on his home computer.

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