[Solved] Unable to create identity by installation

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Hi, i'm new with this sync programm;


i've installed it on my server @ home; it works fine; 

when installing the first client; the installation goes fine. after agreeing the 2 terms, i can push the proceed button but nothing happens.

when closing the programm and restart it; i have to create a new idenity, but when pushing the "create identity" button nothing happens.


i checked for logfiles in the Roaming directory, but i can't find any logfile with error information. does some have an idea?




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on what Windows it happens? Isn't it some old one?  It may be lacking the crypto services for generating identity certificate. In the log there shall be lines with errors about key containers, cryptography, etc. 
please send the log from %appdata%\Roaming to us, or PM me, I'll have a look. 

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Thank you for the logs, please remove them from public access. Identity creation fails ("Failed to acquire crypto container for keys") because of NTE_TEMPORARY_PROFILE error, meaning that the currently logged on use has no access to CryptoAPI to generate its certificate. this may happen is you login as a temp/read-only user, guest or with a roaming profile. Try login as admin. 

Quote from Windows: 

CryptAcquireContext will fail with NTE_TEMPORARY_PROFILE error when called from a mandatory profile.

Mandatory profiles are read-only user profiles. Since changes to the mandatory profile cannot be saved, PKI design doesn’t allow this operation, and CryptAcquireContext prevents this scenario by failing.


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i solved the problem; the account where i would install from is a administrator account; but it is corrupt.

after my yesterday typing of no updates; i was wondered that SP1 wasn't installed; i tried to install SP1 but got permission errors.

I created a new admin account and installed SP1 and after that succesfully the sync software

thanks for your help, I am a happy user now :) !



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