Why Does Resilio Sync not work over the internet?

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i See This program does not allow internet Sharing! ;'( NOT COOL  how can you allow uTorrent to be FREE and allow copyright sharing but you Dont let Resilio Sync share over the internet ive just hopped onto another network 4G Vodacom on my HUAWEI P9 now i have synced my desktop to my phone and when i open a folder and select a file to Synchronize and it didnt Synchronize i have the latest Resilio Sync app version and the latest pc version for windows 7 sp1 x64 bit


are you trying to avoid legal trouble? it would be nice if for example the boss of a business wants his important documents on his laptop if he's out to a business meeting with another person using public Wireless hotspot i dont see the app does this is there a bug in Resilio Sync ? please Take a look at it and make it do so without disconnecting from the peer device. this is a Super Excellent application 1 on 1 Sharing over the internet like if you want to share something to a friend at The Highest speed possible you can just share the link over facebook and voilah the file is there <<<< PLEASE MAKE IT DO THIS Pretty Please ;)

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15 hours ago, iswrong said:

Resilio Sync does work over the internet.

Does the information for the folder show any peers?

what happens is i have a wireless internet service provider that the dish points towards the mast and then another Device pointing towards my house and across from my house is my grandads house and he has his own wireless also 512 kB/s so i walked over there to his wireless which is the same wireless code as mine and thats when my devices disconnected i walked over with my HUAWEI P9 on his wireless so then my device disconnected from my pc

the 2 networks are bridged at 1 MB/Second together he has the same static public address as me

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Sync requires an internet connection in order to sync over the internet.

If you've lost your wi-fi signal because you've moved out of its range, you won't be able to sync (or indeed do anything else) over wi-fi until you reconnect to the internet.

This is not a Sync problem - it's an issue with your internet/wi-fi connection.

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