Subfolder not syncing from NAS to Mac

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I am running 2.3.8 on OSX and on Ubuntu with my local network. I have set up a number of shared folders on my Mac that have successfully synced to the NAS. They are 'advanced' folders for which I'm the owner. Now when I add a new subfolder with content on my NAS, the syncing changes are not reflected on my Mac. In other words, syncing only seems to be happening in one direction for this particular share. I have tested other shared folders and when I add a file on the NAS they are updated on the Mac so it's only happening in this one particular folder. 

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Possible reasons are: 
this particular folder is added with Read-only key to the NAS
You've edited Ignore list for this share
not everything OK with system permission for this subfolder on NAS. 

is there any difference in this share and others working, like it's physical location on peers, whether or not it's shared with another  syncing tool or via local network, etc? 

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