Connection repeatedly dropping while syncing

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I'm having an issue where the Sync is repeatedly dropping its connection, displaying "No network connection" every few mins.

Currently, I'm trying to sync a load of files to a new machine (approx 2.5TB), with a one of the machines it's syncing with being on the same network. I'm seeing speeds shoot up to 100MB/s+ and then fall down to nothing, then back up and back down again. Then I'll check back intermittently and it'll be showing "No network connection". Restarting the machine fixes the issue, or after leaving it for a while (maybe 5-10 mins) it seems to resume syncing.

The machine is running on Windows 7, directly wired into the router, and the other machine is running OSX 10.10.5 and is also wired into the router.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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What Sync version you use?

That error in UI means actually what it says - there is no network available. Does your network drop? Sync's trouble may be that it won't detect that the network is up again, so restart is required, it's improved in v.2.4. So if you're not using it, please do. 

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