Linux permission access to directory

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(Pro user)

I have a dir with those permission

ls -lrath

drwxr-xr-x 68 root   root   4.0K Sep 21 16:10 ..
drwxrwxr-x  2 btsync btsync 4.0K Sep 21 17:09 .


Whenever i add this dir to btsync i have the error:

Don't have permission to write to selectd folder

i'm missing something could someone give me a hint?

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Thank you for the answer

Btsync is executed as btsync user

This is a local file system not a network share so this should not be the problem.

Any hint? should i open a bug  or may be i'm missing something stupid in permission / ownership of dir/file?



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First of all, Pro users are all invited to write directly to support. Forum is more of community help. 
Apart from the posix permissions for the share itself and all parent folders, this might be config  - are you using that? If yes, see that is you "dir_whitelist"  there. 
Another possible cause - machine running out of inotify. This can be see n in logs, please collect and send them to support, here's instruction 

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