[Solved] Sync from iPad/iPhone via Hotspot gives bad network traffic

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iPad using BitTorrent Sync version 2.3.5 (254) client, my home network has 2 Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync v2.3.3 (296).

I was visiting our summer cabin this last weekend and used iPhone to create a hotspot for our iPad for connection via 3g. 

So after starting up the BitTorrent Sync app on the iPad, the servers on my home network tried to connect to 172.20.10.x, the same IP-address iPhone gave to the iPad. 

By looking in the Sync logs you see peer information for an external ip and a local ip (172.20.10.x). Then the server tries to ping 172.20.10.x, of course with no result (timed out). 


1) is this a bug in the client app for iPad/iPhone?

2) Are my BitTorrent servers not really understanding the protocol from the iPad client app?

3) Is this an aggressive peer discovery protocol running amok?

Anyhow, thanks for a great product!


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1) what bug? You started Sync on iPad, it communicated its IP address to tracker, and tracker communicated it to the server. Server starts trying to connect to the discovered peer. 

2) they are communicating over UDP/TCP. I'm pretty sure that your server understands that. 

3) No, but I'd rather you update server to at least 2.3.8.

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