[Solved] Computer offline for camera backup

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I have this issue where using the camera backup feature over my home network shows the target device (windows 7) as offline.

My phone is an iPhone 6S Plus.

Support told me to check my NAT settings and my firewall too. (Sync is allowed both inbound and outbound)

The program works fine for all of my other folders,  but not the camera backup. I can even sync to the target computer via a normal folder sync.


Any ideas as I'm desperate now.


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Please continue it with the support ticket. I saw your logs, and HOUSE5 was online for this share, at least the day before. 
Is simple as it might be - is Camera Backup folder still connected in Sync on that HOUESE5 peer? 

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Ok after lots of frustration I worked out the problem.

The computer I was using was part of an old domain and I didn’t realise, I have removed the domain and now it works, i'm assuming because of group policy, although it was weird that it worked in every other way except for the camera backup??

Anyway thanks for the help.

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