[Solved - bad sdcard] Android slow with multiple files


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I'm experiencing significant slow down with transferring a folder of photos to a new Android phone.  Recently I transferred from a LG G4 to a Moto G Plus 4th gen.  I had been syncing my external SD DCIM folder for a long time with with several windows and linux computers.  This has been working well for a long time.  On this new phone the folder seems to be taking forever to download.


Watching the status screen, the folder keeps dropping to "Indexing" then it moves to receiving and sits at about 64K/s for up to 5 minutes.  Then it jumps up to 700k/s to 5+M/s receiving.  This lasts for a minute or so, then it returns to 64kb/s for several minutes and proceeds to return to indexing.  This process repeats over and over.  

I have not tracked it but this seems to happen for each file.  On the LG this folder had well over 3500 photos.  I've moved many photos out of the sync folder.  Sync now reports 2441 files, currently at 1830 synced and has only copied 3 files in the last hour, while I have watched it cycle "Indexing" and speeds as above.


"Autoupdate Gallery" is currently disabled, hoping that it would allow sync to write files faster.  


This is also causing problems with other apps trying to read from the SD card.  Poweramp frequently stops mid song apparently buffering.  Camera seems to write new photos, but they don’t show in the gallery for hours, so media indexing isn’t able to read either.


I hope that after the sync is complete, keeping current will be faster than catching up, but at this rate (3 files / hour) it will take 8 days solid, and I’m not on wifi most of the day so it’s going to be over 2 weeks to transfer 14gb.  


Moto G Plus 4th gen - Current system updates

Sync - 2.3.9 (567)


[Solved]  Seems to be an issue with the specific card.  Class 10 seems to not be very fast in this phone.  never had problems with either of these Sandisk Ultra's before....  Samsung Evo U1 works fine.

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