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Dear community,

Resilio Sync 2.4.1 is now officially available. You can get it via direct links below or via official download page. Auto-update is not available yet.

Resilio Sync 2.4 is released with Resilio brand, it is treated by OS as new application and will propose you to migrate all your settings from old BitTorrent Sync app (settings are backed up during migration).
Please carefully read these articles about updating to Resilio Sync and migration of settings.

Resilio Sync will make a backup copy of all your settings prior migration into "sync-v2.3.7-1471003319.backup"-like folder (version and timestamp may vary). If you decide to return to 2.3.*, you'll need to manually copy the content to your storage folder, remove Resilio Sync and be aware of next downgrade drawbacks:

  1. You'll downgrade to "Free" version and you'll have to re-apply license manually. File association with license files *.btskey is broken so you'll need to apply license in BTSync UI
  2. Linking new devices to downgraded Sync is not possible. You'll need to recreate identity if you want to link some new device.
  3. Downgrade is not supported for Selective Sync folders (as all placeholder files are renamed to *.rsl*). If you downgrade and your Sync has Selective Sync folders, your files are going to be deleted on all peers.

Direct Download Links:

A list of what's new, improved, changed, and fixed in this version is available in the change log.


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And what is incorrect here? You have the share in Selective Sync. *.app - are actually folders, so in Selective Sync shared they behave as folders: you "Sync to this device" once, the subfolder itself gets synced, all files inside remaining placeholders. If you "Sync to this device" one more time, all placeholders inside get synced. You might need relaunch Finder to get the app's icon show up. 

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The problem is that .app files are shown as .app files (e.g.,, etc.) even if there are NOT synchronised. All other not synchronised files are correctly shown as .rsls files. You may argue that .app files are folders... but even if this is true, the icons are not displayed as folders. So in our eyes there is some inconsistency that can be irritating.


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@TonioDeLamor Sync's behavior is consistent here. All folders synced via Selective Sync bear the same name, no any additional extension added. Apple loves so-called "bundles" which are treated by Finder as files, but from POSIX point of view are folders. Apps are bundles, as well as number of other apple-produced file types (like, .pages, .numbers, etc). Therefore all .app appear as .app. Finder automatically attempts to locate application icon and fails as icon stays as placeholder, so it shows the "no icon" icon instead of standard folder icon.

I understand your frustration: you want Sync to treat .apps as files, as they look to be files in Finder. We've got same requests in the past, but unfortunately this is rather complex change in Sync architecture and requires lots of efforts to be implemented. Keeping in mind that Apple themselves tend to get rid of bundles (for example, latest versions of Apple office files no longer bundles, but files instead), it is not clear if the change worth implementing.

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