Power User settings - advice for large folders and high speed internet


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I have a very large folder that i'd like to sync.  It's about 2TB in size, with an extremely complicated set of folders within it (very long paths, tons of small files, lots of VERY big files).  Basically, a torture test.

I'd like to sync it between a server in a data centre with a 1gb fiber connection, an office with a 500mbps fiber feed, another office with a 1gb fiber feed, and about 5 end users with residential cable modem feeds, some with 1gb down/50mbps up, some with much slower 50mbps/10mbps.

My question is this - what settings, if any, should I adjust in Power User preferences, to deal with this much data, and to take advantage of these fast internet lines?

All machines are Mac with min 8gb ram. most have 16gb or 32 gb ram.

I have changed one setting so far - folder_rescan_interval.  It's increased to once a week to avoid constantly rescanning.  All other settings are currently at default.



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Mr. Canada

Glad you asked the question. I'm getting ready to use sync for some similar audio and video syncing similar to your example. Did you find the default settings to cause issues? So far I've been syncing about 1TB of many files of various sizes in hundreds of directories pretty well. If you do some testing and find beneficial settings for your use, hope you'll share your findings.


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